Hit Makers

Concept & Opportunity

Inner Life Music is extremely excited about our new show in development; this unique concept called “Hit Makers” has been designed for Netflix. This exciting and dynamic talent search consisting of undiscovered talent from around the world that ranges from recording artist, song writers and producers. “Hit Makers” will bring together these unlikely personalities for a chance of a life time. 


The show provides hard working struggling musicians, recording artist, song writers and producers from around the world to come together and try to create a hit song. This variety show will provide an opportunity for all those artist, song writers and producers that have never had a chance to get their music heard and/or listed to by people within the industry simply because their financial situation and/or lack of industry connections. “Hit Makers” is looking to discover new talent that is hungry to create something special. Each group of contestants will be guided and mentored by some of the music industries elite and judged by audiences from around the world. 

The Players


New Talent  

Song Writers

New Talent 


New Sound 

Winners will go on Tour in 2019